Blue Screen (BSOD) Only when playing game

Hi guys,

i just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and whenever I starts playing game, my computer will freeze for like 2secs and shows a blue screen and proceed on to auto restart.

The game actually loads perfectly but when the real action begins, it just doesn't feel smooth, it is laggy, and after awhile, the computer crash and shows the blue screen.

I am running Windows XP 32bit previously and with 3GB RAM. No such problems.

I read that to fully optimize Windows 7, a 4GB RAM is more recommended.

Is the insufficient memory causing this problem as only when I starts playing game, this problem occurs...

Please help me. Thanks
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  1. I have 4GB w/ Win7-64 and have no issues. Do you have all the most up to date drivers for ALL devices as well as firmware updates?

    Can you also provide your build specs?
  2. Like HavoCnMe said, could you prove your system specs?
    Also, what game are you trying to play?
  3. I would update your graphics card driver. This may be causing the problem.
  4. wts ur graphic card?
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