My cursor wont stay still on windows 7; can it be fixed?

When I'm typing in microsoft office / outlook emails. my cursor will jump to another spot on the page and or sometimes jumps into a diferent window and continues there? This is worse than when I just had Vista. I upgraded thinking windows 7 was going to fix problems, and it hasn't. It's just a glorified versoin of Vista.
Is there any driver uploads known to help with this situation?
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  1. Check out both of these threads. Each provides some good troubleshooting solutions that should be able to help you solve your jumping cursor problem!

    I hope this helps!

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  2. If you have a laptop, disable the touchpad and see if this helps. I have read a bit of the other threads bmathews posted, and in there people who disable the toucpbad fixed the issue.

    What I'm willing to bet based on my experience is that while people are typing, they are touching the touchpad with the palm, causing the cursor to move. Try typing with your hands up higher, I'm thinking the mouse won't budge one bit.
  3. it is not the sensitivity. many people have posted that they have tried doing all sorts of changes to the touch pad with not effect. the fix is to go to the touchpad website and download a clean updated driver. the windows 7 drivers are somehow making this happen even if it is a clean download. if you go to windows and check their website or cnet, many people have know found that this actually fixes the problem instead of trying something where you have to change YOUR ways. for instance, i have synaptics, I downloaded synaptics driver, voila, problem solved. also, if you are having the mouse that clicks on everything it rests on....that is another nice win 7, go to your mouse menu, customize start menu and where it has all those little circles, you want to look for the one that says automatically opens submenus and unclick it. I hated win 7 when I got it but eventually we can all change it into what we need.
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