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A while back I decided to change my theme, turns out its not like xp where a visual style will theme the entire OS. Nope, you need to use 'shell themes' and replace explorer, and explorerframe along with a visual style.

Anyhow, I was looking for new ones, and I found a nice one today, installed it fine, but found out the icons are not included, did a bit of googling, turns out you need to install your own icons. I found the icon's he used for the pictures of his theme, and downloaded them.

There was a batch file you can use to install, backup uninstall etc. But me being me, I like to do it myself, so I went into system32, and took ownership of imageres.dll and imageressp1.dll I renamed sp1.dll to <name>backup.dll and then copied over the edited dll with the custom icons. Then I renamed imageres.dll and that was the mistake.

Your supposed to turn of UAC (says in readme if I had of payed attention), and I didnt, so after I renamed it, I tried to move the new dll into system32, but UAC tried to pop up and ask for permission, but it couldnt display because I just renamed imageres.dll

Anyhow, I couldnt do anything that required permission, so I rebooted, and couldnt login all I got was the windows login screen but it was black with the power button onscreen keyboard button, and ease of access button. Same with safe mode.

Luckily I have XP on a seperate HDD, so I booted XP, went into win 7 > system32 and renamed the .dll

Now I booted up fine, everything was back to normal, except now my icons are all broken, theyre all the "open with" icon. I was in system 32, and a few are back to normal, but most aren't. My desktop the icons are there, but there's a big "open with" icon infront of the default icon. (A couple desktop icons show up normally)

I'm wondering if windows is manually going through and re-caching the icons so they will slowly come back, or what? Ive tried right clicking, and refresh, but that doesnt help.

When I look through common dialogue (browse for files) all my icons will show up normally...

Here is an image of my desktop:

Also, lots of people talk about rebuilding the iconcache.db but I didnt have the file before or after any of this...? Maybe its changed location after an update?
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  1. Turns out the modified dll's seem to have made a iconcache.db file I deleted it through the command prompt, and all seems to be well now.

    This can be closed.
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