Need to Install Mac OS on Intel based PC

I have an Intel Dual Core 3.06 GHz processor and an Intel D102GGC2 motherboard with 2 GB of RAM. I need to install a MAC OS on it. Please suggest which MAC OS can I install on it. Also suggest whether MAC OS X Snow Leopard will work on it or not. Quite Urgent. Thanks.
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  1. Mac OS is tied to Mac hardware, and it is in fact illegal to install Mac OS on your own hardware. Not saying it is not possible, or not fun, or will not run circles around your friend's overpriced macs... but because it is illegal we cannot help you on the forum.
  2. 1. Its technically illegal to insta OSX on non Apple hardware, however since Apple doesn't use proprietary hardware anymore, techinically they are breaking their own license. When you buy OSX you get a Apple sticker so as long as you put it on your case your legit.

    2. It is possible and easy to do OSX on Intel based PC if you have certain compatible parts. Your Intel motherboard is not one of those that are easily supported, and you also have to have a OSX compatible Graphics card. It will definitely not work with your onboard video.
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