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Hey all,

Recently I've bought and changed a few rig parts because of hardware failure, but now I keep getting the message that I need to re-activate my Windows 7 Ultimate OEM. Logical, because I changed hardware, but a colleague of mine @work told me that I should call Microsoft support and ask them if they could re-activate my serial key. Is this possible and how show I do/ask this? I would be crazy and it would be absurd to buy yet another Microsoft Windows 7 x64 OEM...

Thanks in Advance,

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  1. Give Microsoft a call, I believe they will be able to assist you. As long as your Windows is legit it shouldn't be a problem to get it re-activated.
  2. Have you tried to activate over the internet? Some times it will work aslong as you do not have a Dell/Gateway/HP/Etc. version of windows.

    If you got a OEM form a small computer store or a place like Newegg you can reactivate over the phone.

    If you have a Dell/HP/Gateway/Etc. version of Windows you will not be able to activate it thru the internet or phone. You will have to buy a new version.
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