Ps3 connection via a usb modem

I have a laptop and the o/s is widows 7. While attempting to connect my ps3 via a ethernet cross over cable i am having difficulty locating the modem options in network settings.
Obviously you have realised that Im new to win 7!!
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  1. It's not clear if you are trying to share your internet connection from your laptop to the ps3 or if you are connecting the modem diectly to the ps3. The ps3 requires a static IP address or one assigned via DHCP. If you are connecting your modem directly to the ps3's ethernet port I don't think you'll need a crossover cable. You won't find any modem settings in the ps3's network settings. The only setting you will find on the ps3 is if the connection is wired/wireless and if you are using DHCP or a static address.
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