Roberto Laudisio Cruit Taser death by Cops in Sydney

6 caps chased him down, pepper sprayed him then tasered him to death ... all apparently over a packet of biscuits he allegedly stole from a shop.

The video is there in the link.

Beats me why a wealthy Brazilian student with connections with the creme of society back in Brazil and a ton of money would want to steal a packet of biscuits though?

I'd say his English was poor and there was a misunderstanding and he ran ... the cops got carried away.

We have had 6 taser deaths here in recent months.

Cops are tasering everyone in sight.

This isn't going to be good for tourism.

Watch this one spin out of control like the recent racist bashings of Indian students here in Australia.

Somebody needs to train the cops properly as they are clearly out of control.

People who don't speak our language don't need to be pepper sprayed and tasered just because they run.
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  1. One thing people dont understand is tasers and bean bag rounds, rubber bullets etc arent non-lethal. They are technically classified as less lethal.
  2. I disagree with you all.

    I think police are tasering more because they really have been hamstrung in what options they have available to them. If they tackled him to arrest him, they would be stuck with police brutality. That happens in the US all the time.

    The taser on the other hand is clear cut.

    Why do people feel that when aproached by police officers they are able to run away? The police did not taser this guy for no reason. He ran. Keep in mind the police are trying to keep themselves safe here.

    When in doubt, F'ya, tase them. Mind you, I'm not a huge fan of police (most recently having to deal with them on this past Friday for a theft issue).

    Honestly, criminals (he ran, therefore breaking a law and becoming a criminal) have all the laws the protect them and the police (and the innocent) have little they can do to really protect themselves.

    You can view it as bad cops, or you can view it that police are getting frustrated.
  3. Can't read your crazy radical website at work. :)

    On Friday my ex had her credit card, social security card, driver's license, and checkbook stolen from her car. The person immediately ran up small charges at a nearby gas station, then filled their car up with gas, proceeded to Walmart where they bought gift cards. They were denied after the second attempt, then the person went to another gas station, filled up someone else's car and made a small purchase. All within 2 hours.

    Awesome, they hit a gas station. I went to each gas station and spoke with the on duty manager. Their cameras do not read license plates, only get basic pictures outside but get clear pictures inside. This is nearly worthless to me.

    Walmart has cameras everywhere. They have a picture of the suspect but it isn't clear. Their outdoor cameras also are not clear at getting license plates but their cameras do not cover a good portion of the parking lot.

    Now, my thought is let's review the video footage, find out what vehicle the person drives and see if we can get a plate tag. That would link a picture of a person to a vehicle registration.

    No, the police aren't budging on this one. They need evidence from the credit card company. Walmart has all that info already. The credit card company can't release the statement because they are considered fraudulent charges. The police won't complete the police report and start an investigation until the credit card hands over the charge information directly. The CC company will provide the date, time, card number, dollar amount, and all information except an official document.

    This is absolutely stupid. This is a 2 hour investigation with the officer driving around to solve. We've spent over an hour on the phone with the officer going over all the individual details they want, above and beyond what is really necessary in my opinion. Yet, we have camera footage sitting there that we can't view without an officer present. The officer won't go because the CC company won't respond. The CC company's policy is to not release this information.

    Maybe it is a scam that the CC companies want you to buy ID protection from them...
  4. Well, that just reinforces my lack of trust in government entities to be able to do what they were intended to do. They no longer serve the public interest but other agendas now.
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