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I am trying to install windows xp mode as a 32 bit operating system onto Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. The reason I am trying to do this is I have software on my computer which will not allow 64-bit applications to access the internet. I have been able to install using my old xp cd and the internet works, but the other features of xpmode which i would like to have like the drag and drop of files and opening programs without opening xp mode I do not have access to. Are there ways that I can install those features onto my manual install of xp. Or that I can force the xp mode download to install as a 32-bit program?
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  1. XP mode always installs as a 32-bit program.
  2. I don't understand what is going on then.. because as it is installing the program comes up and says that the virtual 64 bit program is trying to access the internet and then if i click ok to go past it. The xp mode does not access the internet following that. Any idea why this might happen?
  3. Why do you have software that doesn't allow 64-bit programs to access the inernet? What's the point of that?
  4. It is netnanny, for some reason they have not updated their software and therefore to filter results a 32-bit browser must be used to fix this they block 64-bit applications from accessing the internet.
  5. Is the web browser the 64-bit application that is trying to access the Internet? Can't you just use a 32-bit browser rather than a whole 32-bit OS?
  6. The problem I seem to be running into is that when the software is installing the windows xp mode and "setting it up for first use" the net nanny blocks the internet. After that it does not come up again (usually when programs are blocked by this software it notifies you each time the software attempts to access the internet) net nanny never comes up to block again. It seems like xp mode looks to access the internet that first time and then it doesn't try again. I dont understand why not.
  7. I still don't understand why you're bothering with XP Mode. Can't you just use a 32-bit browser in Windows 7 (e.g. the 32-bit IE)?
  8. I got it to work. After my last reply i began to think and I went in and removed the network connection it thought it had and added the physical network connections and it is working fine. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction.
  9. I need xp mode for a honeywell program which they are being really slow to update. It will only work in xp but get tired of using xp after using windows 7 so I have upgraded my computer and still want to be able to use that program. Other people have told me that using xp mode causes it to work fine.
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