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I have been using MS Optical mice for a while now and find them excellent! Only problem is that cuz I am suffering from RSI in my right arm, I have two Intellimice Optical (the onse with 5 buttons), one for the left hand and one for the right. Cuz the driver only knows about 1 mouse, I cant swap the buttons on the left mouse individually, so I have physically rewired the left and right buttons by breaking traces and soldering new wires across the circuit board. Only problem is that I can't swap the other two buttons by this method. I just doesn't seem to work, and the scroll wheel stops working as well. Does anyone have any idea how I could do this? Both mice are Intellimouse Optical USB interface.

Andrew Dunn
MaxCAD Drafting Services Pty. Ltd.
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  1. Im not sure what your trying to say, did you want to switch the buttons on the mouse for your left hand? If you are, thats easy, just go to Control Panel>Mouse> and under Buttons tab, click on "Left-handed"....im not sure thats what you wanted though...can be a little more clear?

    <font color=blue>Your mouse moved. WINDOWS NT must restart for changes to take affect. Restart Now?[OK]</font color=blue>
  2. Your'e right, that is not what I wanted. I need to have BOTH right handed and left handed mice working at the same time. I have found that the Intellimouse drivers will work with two mice plugged in via USB (even three or four mice for that matter).
    The driver will accept input from whatever mouse moves or has it's buttons pressed. The problem is that the driver makes no distinction between the two mice, so swapping the buttons in control panel will swap them on BOTH mice. So I have sucessfully "rewired" the left mouse to swap the left and right buttons by breaking the traces on the PCB inside the mouse and soldering wires from one side to the other. ie the button adjacent the keyboard on both mice it the left button.
    I have not been able to swap the side buttons however. I have tried the same technique as the first two buttons, and found that they simply stopped working along with the scroll wheel. When I changed the circuits back to the original layout all worked again.
    I figure that there is some interaction between the side buttons and the scroll wheel because the circuit board traces seem to join from the side buttons to the scroll wheel block. I dont know enough about how the PCB works to figure out how to re-wire the buttons without affecting the scroll wheel. That's what I am trying to figure out, I have already "killed" one mouse trying it out!
    Hopefully someone out there knows something about how these things are wired up...

    Andrew Dunn
    MaxCAD Drafting Services Pty. Ltd.
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