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I am trying to install windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a new system and it starts the install, but stops with a message that a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. System has a LG SATA cd/dvr, so I checked LG's site, found that there is an update that adds win 7 capability. I have no other system to flash the drive in, so I called LG. They said no drivers are needed, that my install disk is bad. I downloaded the img file from Microsoft, and have burned it w/ 3 different burners/software, still the same message?! I also installed a lite on ide burner, did install, same message. Help!
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  1. if you have access to an ide dvd drive that should do it. i too have had windows 7 just not like sata dvd drives. just swap the sata dvd drive back in after its installed.
  2. Tried that, same message.
  3. LG DVD compatible for All DVD & CD ! check cable connection + Power your DVD to Mobo.
    if u under OC / non OC set Bios to default, can Clear CMOS / F9(Load Optimal)
    sellect first boot to DVD
  4. Henydiah, did as you suggested, still hangs asking for cd/dvd driver. The drive had zeros written to it prior to install, shouldn't Win 7 request partition info?
  5. what The drive had zeros u mean HDD / DVD Master win7 ?
    when ask boot press any key in the installation win7 can do auto partition
  6. Used WD utility to low level format the HDD with zeros. It writes zeros to the entire drive. When it boots from cd, it goes right into install, no option to pick anything.
  7. what do u can install other OS like XP/vista in your drive DVD. it's just check maybe your drive damage (need RMA)
    if work ! DVD OS win7 need clean !
  8. XP has been installed, before drive was reformatted. disk has been re=created, on two different machines, with at least 4 different software packages, and verified on each. Drive was checked with WD's certification software. no errors, no RMA created. This has to be something simple I've overlooked. How can I re-partition this drive w/ no operating system?
  9. yeach your HDD valid !
    takeoff power from AC take off cable monitor too form CPU, look jump CMOS and cmust Clear CMOS! it can make default from factory.
    insert DVD Win7 when ask press any key auto boot from DVD win7 ... let work
    change your HDD with big Capacity click next & win7 auto partition this HDD !
  10. Still have not succeeded in installing Win 7 (or XP 32b). Contacted Gigabyte tech support, got an answer w/ a set of AHCI/SATA Controller drivers. Drivers load, but then Win install finds no new devices. Diskpart in cmd window recognizes disk, partition and volumes. Contacted Gigabyte Tech support and got the exact (obviously canned) answer & files. I removed all SATA devices, disabled the SATA controller in bios, put in an ide drive & cdrom, Windows still prompts for drivers, loads them, and doesn't find any new devices, effectively stopping the install. I'm still waiting for further response from Gigabyte.
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