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Custom ringback tones?

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August 23, 2005 1:14:40 AM

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I'm aware that Verizon Wireless now has the option of having your
favorite song play for people who call your cell phone, if you want to
pay the fees. (This is differnet than your own phone's ringtone - I'm
referring to the new feature where people calling your phone hear a

VZW has a decent selection of songs, and also allow you to record a
short message for callers that plays prior to the music so they're not
alarmed when they hear music instead of the familiar "ring" tone.

My question is that I would like to have my own ringback tone instead
of pre-recorded songs.

(For those of you who are old enough to remember and are telco savvy,
I'd much prefer to have the ringback tone from an old Bell
System/Western Electric Number 5 Crossbar switch instead of the modern
"ring" tone that most people under the age of 35 are familiar with)

So I'm wondering if Verizon has the option of custom ringback tones
where I can record the ringback tone myself.


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August 23, 2005 8:28:36 AM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?)

Diamond Dave wrote:
> So I'm wondering if Verizon has the option of custom ringback tones
> where I can record the ringback tone myself.

I cannot imagine that they would ever allow that. They want to be
absolutely sure that licensing for anything they play is in order, and
aren't going to risk being sued for "performing" something illegally on
their equipment. Ringback tones are provided by their network equipment
(unlike ringtones that live on the customer's phone) so they would be
September 24, 2006 8:31:41 PM

I found a sight called The Atlanta Telehone History, they have many recordings of various crossbar ring sounds, it is possible to download these sounds and upload them to your phone, it requires using 2 computers as it does not allow you to save the ring sounds to your computer. What I did was get online with my laptop, axcessed 4 of the ring sounds, while they were playing I ran a cord to the line in on my desktop computer and saved them as wav files. I used Motorola Phone tools to upload the rinf tones and it worked, they were not as lound as I would like them to be but it did work, I'm still experimenting on how to make them louder. Hope this helps
November 9, 2012 5:49:05 PM

Or you can google Freecorder. A great little tool that will allow you to save audio/video as files while they're playing (streaming).

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