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analog/bnc to dvi or vga?

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July 31, 2001 11:12:43 AM

shift button seems to be broken..

anyway.. at work we use old eizo hi-res monocrome screens.. the input cable is a bnc two connector.. (o) <- something like that..

we recently aquired a eizo 17inch flatscreen (don't remember the model) and eizo had made a special bnc-dvi converter cable.. and it worked well..

now we tried the same cable on a LG 18.1 inch flatscreen.. and the image has a horrible green tone to it.. it shows the video.. but it's unusable due to the greenish color..

the screens are used for hi-res monocrome video feed.. coding letters..

would it be possible to make a cable similar to the bnc-dvi screen on the eizo screen.. but for bnc-vga instead? or could it be that the dvi ports differ.. eizo has one pin layout.. and lg has another layout? or maybe the screen is faulty..

i'm grateful for any help in this matter...



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August 17, 2001 2:01:13 PM

It is always possoble to make a cable -- in the short run with a one off cable you are better to just go and buy the appropriate cable.

To make one you will need find a source that can give a the wiring diagram for the cable. Not a popular item I would suppose.

If it is only a two wire ? bnc connectors at the input then it is only monocrome -- three wires is a colour monitor.

Good luck
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