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Hey Everyone

I have the following computer for sale. This is the Computer Midtower with Keyboard and Mouse. Here are the Specs:

<b>AMD-K62/550mhz CPU</b>
<b>ASUS P5A ATX motherboard</b>
<b>Mid-Tower ATX Case with 250Watt Power Supply</b>
<b>256mb of PC-100 Crucialtech SDRAM</b>
<b>Diamond Stealth 4mb PCI VideoCard</b>
<b>Creative Labs 52x Internal IDE CDROM Drive</b>
<b>Turtle Beach Voyetra Montego II PCI SoundCard w/Daughtercard</b>
<b>Kingston 10/100 PCI NIC or Internal 56k PCI modem</b>
<b>10.2GB 5400rpm Maxtor Hard Drive</b>
<b>Teac 1.44mb Floppy Drive.</b>
<b>Microsoft Internet Keyboard with Intellimouse Optical</b>
<b>Asking $500/obo</b>

<b>I am not interested in parting this out, or trades.

<b>For Quick Response email me at:</b>


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  1. Best thing to do is check out ebay to see what a similar system is going for. Your about $300 dollars over what similar systems are selling for.

    It sucks how computer items depreciate.

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  2. Actually, most make the mistake of categorizing this PC with those on Ebay and Yahoo, because they see the same processor and believe it to be the same system. Fact of the matter is, this system is COMPLETEY NON INTEGRATED. That means, if you want a better videocard, simply pop this one out, and pop the one you want, in. Most systems on Ebay or Yahoo are integrated motherboards with fast processors. People see the 700/800/900/1Ghz CPUs and great system....truth is...its only a processor. They find out after buying the system that they cant upgrade anything. So theyre stuck with an outdated machine that will be useless in two years. I have a 550mhz processor, 256mb of GOOD sdram. And a very well known and stable motherboard....In advertising, its the fine print that chaps your ass in the end. I also put OBO in the post because I'm more than willing to deal with someone to make a mutually beneficial deal. I'm no hardass.


    Better to have lived, loved and lost, then to have met the woman I currently call my wife!
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