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I have two additional hard drives in addition to the one in my laptop and they're all pretty full so it's natural I have a lot of folders and files with thumbnails. I always like to have all my thumbnails loaded at all times and it's never been a problem in xp and vista but with 7, for some reason whenever i load too many thumbnails they would all just reset. So this isn't really a matter of them not saving but that I can't save too many.

Anyone know what's wrong? is this a known issue I wasn't aware of? Any help would be great.
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  1. too many shortcut in dekstop demanding Proccessor & RAM, in win7 many features and u can see load in Gadget, how many CPu+RAM usable, n too many shortcut in dekstop not wonderfull,
    Check spec Laptop when upgrade XP to Win7!
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