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Need some Advice on Hardware

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December 20, 2011 5:17:30 PM

So, I'm going to start off by saying, I am not overly familiar with hardware, i know the basics, I'm a computer savvy person with a passion for computers, but i am only 18 and haven't toyed around enough with computers yet.

This is my computer.

It was a gift for Christmas 2 years ago. back then all i did was play WoW and use it for office and internet browsing. I am however now starting a computer engineering course at a local college and am trying to upgrade my system. I am a gamer. And this rig does not let me play the new current games i want. (E.g. Skyrim/Dead island/Swtor etc.)

From what ive managed to figure out, i need a new video card because the one i have is on board.

8GB of Ram is more than enough

My Processor could be better but its not horrible.

My motherboard, im unsure about, I understand sort of how PCI and PCI-E and the other ports work for my video card, but not really.

Everything else I'm unsure of.

What do i need to spend, and what hardware do you guys recommend i buy/upgrade in order of importance.

If this computer is just junk and i would be better off starting from scratch, let me know too, I really am trying to learn more about how everything works.

My goal is to have the best gaming rig i can, however that would cost a lot of money, which i don't always have a lot of, so I'm more trying to figure out what i can do in steps to improve my current rig, if possible.

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December 20, 2011 5:30:04 PM

You must to upgrade your power supply and video card. If you have an monitor with a resolution lower then fullhd ill recomend you an 6790 or 6850,6870 ATI video card.
550W power supply is enough ,to be a good brand like Corsair,Antec,Seasonic,Enermax,XFX,Ocz.Don't put a new video card inside just before you did replaced the old what you have.
December 20, 2011 5:40:07 PM

After posting i realized my power supply is very crappy, so thank you very much for that.

I am having a hard time understanding your last line however.
Are you saying don't put the new card in before i replace the power supply?

I would like to run current games on medium-high graphics at least so. if there's anything else at all you guys would recommend upgrading let me know.
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December 20, 2011 5:45:59 PM

Yes, upgrade your power supply before anything else based on sosofm's recommendations. I recommend Radeon 6870 or GTX 560 Ti for a video card, depending on your budget. I run a 6870 and can play SWTOR on all high settings and always above 30 fps. Keep in mind though that SWTOR is having a lot of launch issues, as is to be expected.

Your CPU isn't bad, though later on that might be your next upgrade.
December 20, 2011 6:17:38 PM

Thank you very much guys, my budget at the moment is like $500. so i should be able to get a good card and power supply for that.

Will i have any compatibility issues with any cards and my motherboard?

Best solution

December 20, 2011 6:23:39 PM

With a $500 budget, I'd go with something like this:

or this:

Those will keep you in good shape for quite a while.

Your motherboard has a nice x16 PCI-E slot, so you're fine. Just make sure the card can fit your possibly small-ish case, since they can get very LONG, up to 11-12 inches.

For a power supply, this should work out nicely:

Or this for a modular one, which is much, much easier to work with:
December 20, 2011 6:25:41 PM

will my processor affect performance at all? It seems decent to me but im only really looking at numbers. 2.8GHz is more than is required by most games but i know there are some that are like 3.6 - 4.0 even, so I'm not too sure.

Thank you so much for all the help with these decisions and your advice.
December 28, 2011 11:35:47 AM

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December 28, 2011 12:23:19 PM

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