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Last night I tried to install Windows 7 (32-bit, upgrade) on my desktop. As part of the installation, the software checks for compatibility issues. On mine it found a couple...(1) iTunes and (2) Catalyst ATI -- and it would not allow the install to continue until I removed those programs. So I did. The installation seemed to proceed well until the last restart (at least I think it was supposed to be the last restart). Then I got a black screen upon startup (stayed dark for 30+ min). I had to shut off the power to the PC -- and as it booted up, it indicated Windows 7 installation had failed and was going to revert back to the prior version (Vista). I let it proceed, but it failed there too. Now I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. I am guessing you tried upgrade ?
    Best is to make Fresh install, didn't have single problem with that.
  2. I had the same problem. Installed W7 serveral times with the same result until....
    I swichted input on my monitor from D-SUB tot HDMI and there it was, quitly installing the rest of W7
    So... check how your monitor is connected may help (in my case)
  3. Although you can upgrade from Vista to Win7, I would do a clean install (backup data, first though).
  4. At this stage I suggest you boot in with the W7 dvd start the install and choose Custom install to clean install W7 DO NOT format the drive, Windows will put the previous Vista files in Windows.old folder (hopefully your files are safe after the lockup).
  5. That's exactly what I had to do. I booted up with the Win7 DVD (and decided to go for the 64-bit version since I was doing a clean install). The installation went fine, but I had some updating to do...such as getting updated drivers for 64-bit (e.g., for my blu-ray). Plus, the big deal has been to reload programs. Fortunately, I had an external drive that backed-up my documents, so I have all my photos, movies, etc...but, I cannot find my Outlook.pst file anywhere. So I think I may have lost all my emails and contacts (but, I'm still hunting for the file). Thanks.
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