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Hello, I am currently running win7 32bit. Although my pc reports that it is 64bit capable what would i need to do to enable this capability? Spec is Windows 7 2G ram, 3.ghz core 2 pentium, 2 IDE hardrives 1 SATA hard drive & 1 external backup drive. In the current economic climate, if this will save me having to splash out for a newer bells and whistles 64 bit pc then great.
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  1. Only thing you would need to do is buy a 64 bit copy of Windows 7. There is no direct upgrade path so you would have t backup your data, wipe the system out and install from scratch. Unless you're planning to upgrade to 4GB or more of ram though, it's not really worth it.
  2. Prophecy is absolutely right - there's no benefit to using the 64-bit version of Windows 7 unless you have 4GB or more of RAM. With only 2GB the 32-bit version will work just as well.
  3. your RAM 2Gb worth for 32bit (X86) max 3.75GB, if install win7 64bit very poor of RAM, your RAM work too Hard,

    if u want performance & Great try OC! look in http://www.tomshardware.com/forum
  4. prophecy +2..
  5. You don't need to buy a copy of Win-64, but you do need to get a hold of a 64bit disc. Retail Win7 comes with both discs, but OEM only includes one or the other. But your Win7 key is good for either.
  6. I had similar question as the OP, does it matter which 64bit OS you buy to

    get over 4mg of ram?? I. E. Win7 Home 64 or Win7 pro 64??
  7. The edition (Home vs. Pro) doesn't matter - either one will be able to take advantage of 4GB or more of RAM as long as you use the respective 64-bit version.
  8. Thanks for the clarification sminlal
  9. win7 pro and ultimate are the only two that offer XP Mode..
  10. malmental ,

    thanks for pointing that out since I have quite a few XP programs
  11. i figured that when reading...
    no problem.

    my take on RAM -
    ideal configuration currently would be to have 4GB(2x2GB) in dual channel configuration.
    depending on video card with 32-bit you can have 2.75GB to 3.25GB available.
    the same 4GB(2x2GB) will also be ideal for 64-bit.
    the choice is yours depending on the usage you have for this unit.
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