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Hi every one.
I have recently installed Mcfee anti virus, zone alarm, zoom adsl modem and zoom dsl diler. Oh yhea kazarr lite i think! and now i cant play Vietcong online, it rings 3 times and wont let me into the game. up untill i installed these programs, my pc was running v.good. even when i desable these programs, nothing realy happens. when i go to ctrl alt del i get about 45 programs running and idont know which to stop
please help
Chain tech Zennith <m.board>
gforce3ti200<128mb>@500/220Ghz<riva tunner>
barracuda 40gig
creative audigy s.card
Amd 2200
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  1. Try disabling ZA and connecting again... if that doesn't work, make sure your mcafee is up-to-date and do a full system scan.

    I'd also recommend you grab yourself a free spyware removal tool (such as <A HREF="" target="_new">adaware</A>) and get rid of any nasties you may have contracted from kazaa. Don't forget to update adaware should you download it!
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