NFS : Underground and ATI Radeon 8500

How to speed up NFS : Underground on ATI Radeon 8500? I've got Athlox XP 2000+, 384 megs of RAM and the game runs in 1024x768 with high detail at about 20 fps :(
I Think that it's ATI bug. On GeForce 3 runs fine at about 30-40 fps. How to speed it up?
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  1. What OS?

    If you're running WinXP, the RAM is a little on the low side. 512MB seems to be the 'sweet spot' for WinXP.

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  2. Nothing, I tried with 640 megs of RAM and nothing better:(
  3. Well, you could buy a better card OR do you have the latest catalyst drivers?

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  4. the latest catalyst driver is far from being the best, I would recommend Cat 3.8

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  5. Lower the resolution and run the game with motion blur. Jaggies are less apparent this way and the frame rate will be faster.

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  6. I'm running NFS undeground on a Athlon 1.4 Ghz, with ATI 9500Pro and 512 Megs of ram. I have pretty much all the settings max out, and it runs perfectly at 1024x768. Maybe your problem is the video card, but just set the settings a bit lower (especially the reflections) and you should be ok.

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