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I am building a new AMD x 6 system, after windows 7 loads all it's files during an install it asks for a cdrom driver, which seems odd as it just loaded all the files from the same cdrom
drive it now wants a driver for. I only have the one PC, which I am now using after booting Parted 5.0.2, so the system seems to be working fine.

I am using a gigabyte 870a-ud3, AMD Phenom w 2.8Ghz x 6, the CDROm is a LG Blyu-Ray reader writer model WH10LS30, I am also using for the first time an OCZ Agility 60GB drive, I have been able to format the drive just fine with Parted 5.0.2 and during the Boot it shows on post just fine. Does anyone have any idea just what CDROM driver windows could be needing ?
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  1. Well you say its a Blu-Ray drive, so most probably that driver! I dont own a PC blu ray drive so no idea if they require additional drivers, but once into windows 7 you should be able to go to control pannel, windows updates, and under optional is normaly additional driver.

    It may list it there if it reconises the device etc, if not did you get a driver disc when you got the blu ray drive?
  2. LG Blyu-Ray reader writer model WH10LS30 if this can read DVD should no problem!

    check in bios Sure your boot first priority to this blue ray drive !
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