RIP Black Isle

Apparently Black Isle studios is no longer.
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  1. I read about this in Gamespot. I can't frigging believe it! I finished Baldur's Gate a couple years ago and became a fan instantly. I just bought the BGII Collector's Edition a month ago and it frigging rocks! All their stuff was great.

    A big loss for the PC gaming industry.
  2. I read about this yesterday. It's disappointing to see great game houses be forced to close down like this. Reportedly, they were about half way through Fallout3 when they were shutdown; The project was shelved indefinately.

    I'd say it's a pretty tough time to be a game developement house.
  3. I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but if Fallout 3 has been cancelled, then PC gaming is dead.

    Has anyone seen the Fallout equivalent of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance? It's a straight up action game. The only similarity to the Fallout series is the name and the theme of the graphics. Everyone is moving to console games, and all console games are moving towards cookie-cutter simplicity.

    Maybe not Nintendo, but Nintendo is moving toward bankruptcy. First Sierra On-Line went corporate, then Origin, and now Black Isle is [-peep-] gone. [-peep-].
  4. That is sad, but at least Bioware is still alive, i.e., NWN... I have played, maybe, 30 fan created modules, and more than half have been very well done...

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  5. Could them going out of buisness be a result of increasing piracy? People really should buy games, not download them.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  6. They were closed down because of Interplay's financial problems. Interplay didnt have enough money to continue developing games for both consoles and PC. So they decided to focus on console games rather than the PC market.
  7. yeah, so those pesky software pirates probably put them out of buisness.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
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