Another "partitions wont show up" thread... &other partition questions

Alright, so I just installed windows 7 on my new build. During the setup I partitioned my hdd into 250gb for the OS and programs and the rest for data. Windows also made a 100mb one I guess? Anyway... after installing I have C: where my OS is... and for D: it says that it has 0 data on it and 0 capacity. When I tried to click it it said to make sure it's formatted correctly (but doesn't that happen when I made the partitions during windows 7 installation?)

When I go to the disk manager in admin tools the d: shows up with the proper amount of space it should have...

So how can I make it work? Am I supposed to modify one of these settings?

gigabyte x58a-ud3r
gtx 460 1gb
corsair psu and 6gb ram
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1tb hdd

Annd... I have another question. Once I do figure out this whole partition situation, my documents/music/etc... all that is usually in the same place as windows right? How can I make all that stuff go to my other partition?

Thanks :)...!
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  1. You'll have to right-click on the last partition in Disk Manager and format it. Windows only formats the partition it's installing itself into.

    To put stuff into the other partition just navigate to that drive (probably "D:") when you store folders. You'll probably want to create folders on the drive for music, videos, photos, etc. and add them to your Library to make it easy to access them.
  2. Oh, awesome! Thank you. That worked perfectly :).

    Now I wonder though if setting up partitions was a stupid idea. I've tried in the past to not use the my documents/my music/pics/downloads/etc folders that windows does automatically... it's so frustrating it turns out to be easier just to use windows stuff. But if they're all on the c: part then... that messes things up, doesn't it?

    And woah... libraries! I have much to learn about windows 7..

    .... Also... do files I delete from D still go into the recycling bin on C? ... I didn't realize how little I know until just now haha...
  3. I actually don't make any extensive use of Libraries myself. The only thing I've done with them is to put links to the folders on my second so that it's easy for me to navigate to them from the "File Save" dialogue boxes.

    Each disk has it's own recycling bin - if you delete a file from drive "D:" then it goes into the recycling bin for drive "D:" and not for drive "C:".
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