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My task manager has been disabled, I have tried to enabled it by doing the gpedit.exe thing, but it didn't help.
This is my personal computer that isn't on a domain, so it can't be a domain policy thing.
My OS is windows 7 Pro 64Bit
It is happening on my Laptop Win 7 64Bit as well, so I might be a Virus or a glitch in a program I installed that has caused it. I try keep my desktop and laptop, similar to each other with the software I install on it. But I hasn't happen on my 32bit laptop, but I haven't been keeping that one up with the stuff I install on it.
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  1. You may be right it may be a virus. I normaly scan and clean up after a virus using 3 free tools.
    1) Download install and scan with malwarebytes.
    2) Use the windows live safety scaner.
    3) Update and run your virus protection (Microsoft Security Essential is free)

    Good luck
  2. If task manager can't run it's gotta be a virus. Don't plug in any usb keys, the virus could infect the thumb drive and you could reinfect your self later.
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