Sim city 4 reinstalling

I uninstalled SC4 ,cleared out the files and then reinstalled but it freezes at 25.78% every time. Any ideas?
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  1. Damaged DVD?
  2. people still play that game? it's probably on steam maybe. check there.
  3. Try this little trick.... Install ultra iso place the disc in the drive and make an iso (image) of the installation cd/dvd, then burn that image to a dvdrw with nero, ultra iso, or whatever and try reinstalling. This technique allows u 2 recover information stored in a bad sector on the disc or a moderately scrached disc. HINT: For all u music buffs that scrached ur cd up, this method can be used to recover ur favorite song from a cd most of time without the distortion u here when listening to the same music on the same scratched disc. OH.... Good Luck.
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