Monitor does not wake when resuming from Sleep mode

After my computer goes to sleep, I can wake the computer but not the monitor. When I wake the computer, it powers back up and resumes. The monitor doesn't though, it just stays in sleep mode.

The BIOS, windows, the video driver, and the monitor driver are all up to date. It's an Intel motherboard, ATI video card, and Samsung monitor.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Very common with sleep mode. Sometimes it can be associated with Internal PLL Overvoltage when OCing..?
  2. Hmm, what's that mean and how can I fix it? Haven't been doing anything to OC (intentionally at least).
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    There are many responses to similar questions in other forums that Expat Shield's core proxy drivers are the cause, fixable by uninstalling Expat Shield. I was having the same problem, and that cleared it up immediately.
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