Unable to install window 7

when i m install window then i got a message after loading starting files like set up file etc.
the message is driver not loaded.
any one help me....!!!!
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  1. Please give precise details as to what you have actualy done to try and install W7, like
    have you been able to boot the W7 disk and run setup.
  2. This may be an issue where your install disk doesn't have the sata driver for your motherboards sata controller. You may be able to use legacy/IDE mode emulation in the BIOS, but that'll cut out the features of ACHI. Basically this means your HDD's won't operate as true sata with hot swap, not sure what else you'd miss out on.

    Or you may be able to load the SATA driver. Without more information I really cannot say for sure what your issue is though.
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