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Windows 7 compatibility issues microsoft office

Office 7 installed no problem. Everything seems to work so far except when I attempt to open a .ppt from the document list it tries to open in word and says the file is corrupt. The file opens fine from the file open menu in PowerPoint. ?????
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  1. what is office 7? you mean 2007?
  2. Yes, I'm sorry, I do mean Office 2007 Enterprise.
    My new computer came with Windows 7. I installed Office 2007. I am unable to open .ppt files from the document library of from downloaded links from my students.
    any suggestions?
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    I have resolved this issue. It was simply a matter of choosing the default program with which to open the ppt files. well duh! I had to dig for it, but it was there and now seems incredibly easy.
  4. glad you got it solved please select best answer!
  5. But she fixed it herself...
  6. . . . so be generous and pick me ;)
  7. is this your personal unit or one from the school teach.?
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