Problem with resolution.

With Windows 7 WDDM drivers, it is able to recognize my monitor and also allows me to use the native res of 1080p. Whenever I update to the latest NVIDIA Windows 7 64-bit drivers, my monitor is not supported and limits me at 1600 x 1200. I've tried doing custom resolutions in the Windows display advanced settings and in the NVIDIA control panel but neither of them work.
I have also tried installing my monitors drivers from the CD and off the internet, but neither has helped me.

I've tried looking on Google for a work around and see that other people are having similar problems, but I have yet to see a definite solution.

On the upside, my 20" and 42" seem to work... but I use my 25" as my primary and wish it would work. ;p

I have a HANNS-G 25.1" monitor (HH251) and an 8800GT if any of these really matter in troubleshooting.
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  1. Seems to be an issue with NVIDA's drivers. Can you simply do without the drivers, as you said your monitors work to full resolution with the W7 drivers?
  2. Force resolution!!!!!!
  3. The only solution I have found so far was to use NVIDIA's 186.18 drivers, but thanks for the replies. =)
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