Hoodies? Can they be blamed for the cause of death?

Fox News Channel commentator Geraldo Rivera said on Friday that the hoodie an unarmed black teenager wore when he was killed in Florida is as much responsible for his death as the man who shot him.

The veteran TV personality, speaking on Fox & Friends, waded in with an opinion on the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a story that has attracted attention across America over the past month. He later acknowledged that his comments were "politically incorrect".

People wearing hooded sweatshirts are often going to be perceived as a menace, Rivera said.

"I'll bet you money that if he didn't have that hoodie on, that nutty neighbourhood watch guy wouldn't have responded in that violent and aggressive way," Rivera said.

The unarmed 17-year-old Martin was killed on February 26 in Sanford. He was wearing a hoodie and returning from a trip to a convenience store when neighbourhood watch captain George Zimmerman started following him, telling police dispatchers he looked suspicious. Zimmerman hasn't been charged and says he shot Martin in self defence.

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  1. I think he was killed because he was black ... Its a bloody travesty.

    From what I can see via the news that guy should be charged with murder.

    That law is just stupid ...

    This is a good case for why guns need to be taken off the streets.

    I can see riots if this is not swiftly sorted out.

    The guy deliberately followed the kid and shot him.

    Guns turn cowards into heroes eh?
  2. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    That is the most idiotic statement I've ever heard or read. Geraldo is an imbecile. If it was anyone else, they would have been fired.

    I agree entirely. :P

    That's why I posted the article.

    Even if true, the statement is idiotic. It's like saying at a court trial on rape "the fault lies with the girl who wore provocotive clothing and was raped".

    Then again it's Fox. :P

    Their most useful news and current affairs show is the Simpsons. :P
  3. Geraldo is on the left at Fox
    I agree with OMG, the cops dropped the ball, and need to pick it up from here
  4. OMG forgive my emo outburst ...
  5. Hoodies are used heavily in crime to cover up the person and remove their identity. Especially up north, almost all crimes involve someone wearing a hoodie when robbing or breaking into a house. It became a joke on the local news site's comment board. All the descriptions would read "Suspect was wearing black jeans or sweatpants, black/gray/white hoodie" That was the description.. no race, heigh, weight, etc.

    If I see someone in Florida wearing a hoodie... with unconditionally warm weather, yes, I would be suspect.

    Now, i noticed this thread has died off since two of the eye witnesses came forward. One was a 13 year old kid who witnessed most of it and backs up Zimmerman's claim. The other witness also backs up Zimmerman's claim. That claim being he was attacked and was truly defending himself. The police evidence also shows that Zimmerman was attacked from behind (blood on the back of his head from getting hit by something) and that he fell to his back. He was bloodied, Trayvon was not.
    The 911 phone call that Zimmerman had made also has evidence of him specifically yelling for help which lines up with the eye witness account. The eye witness called 911 as well. Trayvon was at some point on the phone with another person (girlfriend or something) and she reportedly heard him being called a 'coon' prior to a gunshot.

    The evidence is interesting. 2 eye witnessses who came forward, one 13, the other appearing to be much older. Both backing Zimmerman's claim of which they did not have any information on what the police had taken. Two independent claims both matching the same statement that was made. Don't care what you say, that's pretty hard to do if even trying to lie.

    Interestingly enough, Trayvon's phone converstaion said he was on the phone and talking at the time he was shot. A simple phone record may provide some truth to that statement or make it entirely false. In the end we'll end up with a few minute window of Trayvon not being on the phone, after Zimmerman called 911, and after the witness called 911. It will be in that time they will have to determine what happened.

    According to the eye witnesses, after the shooting, Zimmerman didn't go about trying to cover it up or bash his face in or head (Shane, Walking Dead anyone?). That gives more proof that Zimmerman was in fact defending himself. Now, where the bullet struck will also be interesting. If you had a firearm and Trayvon was attempting to grab it, then he was rightful in shooting him. That will all be hearsay at that point.

    Zimmerman will be half skewered in my opinion. He will be charged with excessive use of force and will not be charged with murder though.

    His background is too rooted with blacks to call him a racist. He followed all the procedures and there is evidence of that. What Trayvon did is what the prosecution will have to prove that would say otherwise to 2 witnesses and the suspect's statement. It'll be another OJ Trial all over. :)
  6. I havnt followed it, but these new admissions may change the whole matter, ty riser

    While I wouldnt mind another racist out of everybodies way, this may not be the case here.
    Now, like often it does here, some will believe the attention the MSM will give to a conspiracy, if this (what riser has brought in) turn out to be fact, it wont matter, as the MSM loves to stir the pot, which feeds into their belief system, and yes, its that bad
  7. Can't tell if this is a hate-crime, or if there is some underlying reason this happened. why would Trayvon go into the community and why would Zimmerman follow him and approach Martin if he knew this kid was some sort of threat?

    I cannot see this being resolved in the next 6-12 months. Give it a few years when all the political banter is over. I want o know what Zimmerman did and I want to hear form him, hist story. I also want to hear the eyewitnesses account. The girlfriend of Martin, and the relatives and friends of Martin as well to hear why he was in the community in the first place.

    Too many holes now, and the media is blocking it all. The police are not being cooperative with the people of Stanford, nor respecting this case on Trayvon or Zimmerman.
  8. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Finally, the investigation yields some facts. Hopefully more information will be forthcoming.

    I am beginning to reform my opinion based on that information riser. Thanks for posting.

    Agreed. :)
  9. Been doing some research.

    There has to be more to this story. Zimmerman and Martin had to of known each other and have had 'close encounters' before in the past.

    There seems to be no logical connection for this to be racially motivated. Zimmerman is half Hispanic and Caucasian. Martin was all African. May seem racial, but according to initial reports, many who knew Zimmerman say he has respect for all races. Even a black reporter had said he knew George well and respected him; also the fact Zimmerman worked with black youth in the past.
  10. dogman,

    But, but, but ...

    Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and President "the police acted stupidly in the Gates affair" Obama have both said that the killing was racially motivated.
  11. Once again, the libs ruin the true meaning of racist, as they bandy it about so casually
  12. The use of "racism" to being used so much today that is has truly diminished it. The concept has become lost.

    MLK: [Judge not by the color of my skin but the content of my character]
    I see someone walking down my street at night, pants sagging, butt hanging out, wearing a hoodie up over their head, looking identical to the other in their group.. yeah, I've called the police before on that. I've been called a racist before. Not sure why. Did I mention a race in that description? I've seen all races dressed like that. It isn't the color of the skin. It is though my prejudice of their character's content. Had I seen a guy in a suit, or dressed more towards my personal taste, I probably wouldn't have though twice about it.

    More updated on Zimmerman:

    Nose was broke. That alone can incapacitate a person (Shane, Walking Dead anyone? :) ) along with the blood on the back of his head. It appears he was struck from behind as he was returning to his vehicle. Upon being hit, he may have turned around and was prompting hit right in the nose, knocking him off his feet. (I would suspect this to be the case).

    From my past boxing experience, I know you do not need to hit someone hard in the nose to inflict a lot of pain and damage. Especially if someone is unsuspecting.. I could imagine someone being knocked from their feet. Could have have been that when he was hit in the nose, he fell back and hit his head.

    This leaves the question in Zimmerman's mind: He's been hit. He's on his back and (for sake of argument) Trayvon is standing over him, or punching him. Zimmerman, not initiating the first strike, has a firearm on him that is likely visible to the teen. Or Trayvon might have been going for it. We do not know. At that point, do you trust that the person who put you on your back will do the 'right' thing and walk away? Or did he go for the gun? Is that where the struggle came from and why Zimmerman, apparently a larger person, was yelling for help in knowing that he may lose control of his firearm?

    Try taking a police officer's weapon. They will shoot to kill if they have even remotely question having reasonable control over a person. They cannot afford to lose control of their firearm and if someone goes for it, the assumption is always worst case. Rightly so I believe.
  13. I guess to get it fair and balanced, youll need to watch Fox
  14. this is becoming a political war front. In no way has this investigation reflected any idea on a murder, rather a white guy killing a black kid. Now, racism is running rampant, words are being tossed, conservatives blame liberals for being racist for trying to figure this out; liberals being called idiotic for being conformant to racial ideology.
  15. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-03-26/news/os-trayvon-martin-zimmerman-account-20120326_1_miami-schools-punch-unarmed-black-teenager

    Why is that when you have a half black, half white person (tiger woods) they are considered black. When you have a half hispanic, half white person who shot a black man, they are considered white?
  16. The hispanics would disagree here, and the MSM are the bigots
  17. Reynod said:
    I think he was killed because he was black ... Its a bloody travesty.

    There can be more reasons, although i would agree. But to blame or even talk about the guilt of some clothings is just ridiculous
  18. And now the details are coming out... Trayvon wasn't the angel his family wanted you to think. The family provided a picture of him slightly younger, dressed 'preppy' but his facebook page shows a different story. His twitter accounts provided a different view into his character. His school report with the officer again shows his character.

    Yet, the only thing they can find about Zimmerman is that he was trying to helpful in the neighborhood, he tutored kids to help them succeed.. and yet, nothing bad, no police reports, etc. Yet, somehow, he was demonized? Trayvon's character is going to come back and haunt this issue.
  19. OK, anyone jumping the gun on this one, with out facts speaks volumes about their character more so than the two unfortunates involved, and until we understand this, were still treading water
  20. I'm treading water. Though, based on the character of Trayvon I would not be surprised if the defense argued that Zimmerman was attacked first.

    I would not say that this is a character hit job at all. But you show me the 12 year old image of him wearing his hollister shirt smiling, then show me his hardcore 17 year old image of him trying to be tough and his personal comments on twitter/facebook.. you know what? It is feasible.

    Dude was 6'2" if I recall. That can be an imposing figure.. not sure of Zimmerman's height.
  21. Probably fits more with re-electing the current do-nothing president. Rally his base and get them to vote blindly.
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