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Hi , I have asus eee pc t91mt 32 GB hard 2 gb ram , windows 7 is dead slow, is there a reduced windows or OS that can work best ??
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  1. - check your system may be your temp full
    - too much Shortcurt in desktop
    - too much Startup
    install software CC cleaner or Advanced Optimize driver (software registry), u can use it for disabled startup & delete registry & junk file
  2. Well, a EEE PC is not particularly powerful, so don't expect too much from it. Also, 32GB is very little space; Win7 will use up about 20GB by itself.

    Which version of 7 is this? Did it come included with the PC?
  3. There is a special edition of Windows 7 for netbooks - Windows 7 Starter - but I believe that it is only available pre-installed. I'm not convinced that any version of Windows 7 will be particularly fast on such a limited specification.

    On a netbook like yours I would probably go for one of the lightweight versions of Linux.
  4. Windows 7 on netbook = fail. Netbooks are slow period. You get what you pay for. Slow cpu, slow ram, slow hard drive. Sell it and get a notebook with a dual core cpu.
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