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My printer cuts of the top of the page. actually it seems it starts to print before the page gets into place where it suppose to. In other words, it's not synchronized.
Can someone please help me ?!?
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  1. I would suggest going to your printers website and seeing if there is an updated driver. Also if you have another computer you may try plugging it in and seeing if it does the same thing.

    This sounds like a driver partial incompatibility issue though.(3-1 odds) With a real remote chance of it being the printer(100-1 type odds).
  2. Hi, well. I tried with windows 7 the last time but, next time as you suggested, I'll try on windows xp computer.
    FYI, in their site there are drivers for windows 7 so I guess it's not the drivers but still I'll check your advice.
    I'll update...
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