Bad files from time machine corrupting hard drives, any way to find?

I have been having problems with something crashing my hard drives. I've had two in the last month. I was told it's Time Machine bringing over bad files from my old machine. Is there any way to isolate these files or figure out which ones are causing it? I need the files that are onTime Machine, but am worried I will crash my hard drive again. Any ideas?
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  1. The only time I have heard of issues with TimeMachine is where someone has been using something like Sophos or Norton Anti-Virus, TimeMachine is generally very robust and very good at filtering out "bad" files.

    It would help if you said what build of OS X you were using, and what you mean my "Crashing your hard drive".
  2. I am on a mac book from about 4 years ago. It was running snow leopard and it would slow down so I took it into the Mac store. They claimed it crashed my hard drive and replaced it, a month later the same thing happened. Their claim is that I'm bringing bad files back over. Everyone else I tell that too, looks at me like I'm crazy. I do not have Sophos or Norton.
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