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My 700GR exits standby only when it is on syandby for a short while. When in
standby for a few hours it sometimes refuses to come out. I have tested the
short term standby and either the keyboard or mouse will wake it up. They
are both wired and I am using Win XP. The mouse is an opticle wheel PS2
mouse. Once I tried to put in a hybernate timeout and the standby did not
allow hybernation. Normally when leaving standby a pop is heard on my
speakers. When exiting fails, I still hear the pop. Alt Tab does not wake it
up either. I have to remove power from the system to get it to come up
again. Any ideas?

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  1. Just in case someone else has run into this same issue with the Gateway 700GR not being able to resume or re-start after going into sleep or hibernation ... where the machine lights up, fans come on and it appears to want to start, but no video output is ever sent to the monitor ... I've recently solved this problem by changing out the video card. It appears that the stock video card was not waking up.

    I've since upgraded this machine to Windows 7 (x86-32 bit) and this problem remained. I found that if I powered it off after a failed resume, then powered on again, I could get it to start, where the video card woke up and the OS presented me with the option to do a full restart, or continue to resume ... since the OS detected that the computer was not starting properly. The resume option always worked.

    A very good video card upgrad for this machine is the energy efficient PNY nVidia 9800GT PCIexpress card. This card runs great in my 700GR with the stock power supply. Windows 7 runs great on this PC BTW. The video card to get is the PNY XLR8 VCG98GTEE5XEB GeForce 9800 GT EE 512MB 256-bit.

    With the replacement of the video card to this PNY EE card, the Gateway 700GR now resumes from sleep and hibernate each and every time. Problem solved (for around $100).

    Even though several years have passed since the original issue was posted, I found it trying to solve the same issue here in 2009. Hopefully this will help others.

    BTW, I've brought this PC up to 3GB RAM (added two additional 1GB sticks) and even for today's standard this PC running on Windows 7 is quite fast. So it's worth it to upgrade in my opinion.

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