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my problem is a famous one but i really couldnt solve it i did everything possible but nothing worked for me
after i updated my vga software using windows automatic update the windows does not log in anymore after the windows logo (black screen of death ) i read about this problem before and did everything possible but nothing worked for me .........
so i connected another hard desk i have and installed new windows on it and took ownership of the other windows and all other drivers ..
now the question is there anything possible i could do to repair my old windows ?? , as i said before the problem is from the vga software i guess and the registry files
my windows is 7 64 bit ultimate i want to repair the old windows coz i have a lot of softwares and games installed and i dont want to install everything again and i am going to buy new hard desk soon to be the system
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  1. Enter Safe Mode and remove the driver in question. Remove from Add/Remove in Control Panel or use Device Manager. Have the correct supported video driver downloaded to the desktop and install it. Hard desk? I like it.
  2. i cant enter safe mode same problem
    i dont have a restore point
    i tried everything really
  3. Hard desk :D
    Why can't you enter safe mode? What did you do ?
  4. i said i did everything possible
    i know about the black death screen in windows 7
    so surely i tried all safe modes and tried everything
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