Windows 7 does not display widescreen

I just upgraded from win XP to Windows 7, 32 bits. I have a problem with the display:

1. The recommended resolution for my 19 in. WIDE screen( Samsung) is 1680 X 1050. Unfortunately the display settings don't allow to go higher than 1680 X 1050.
2. The screen display leaves two black, 1.5" wide strips on each side. Rather unsightly! How can I stretch the display to full screen, as in XP?

3. I have set the text size for "largest" , but the Internet text is almost microscopic. I have to zoom it in by pressing the CTRL key and the "+" key. Rather ackward! The display on XP was perfect because I had downloaded the Intel Extreme Graphic Chipset. I tried to use it with Windows 7, but it does not take it. Unsupported. I also downloaded the Vista version for this chipset, but it does not go in.
I tried to find the equivalent graphic chipset for Windows 7,but from what I seem to understand from the Intel technical mumbo-jambo, there isn't any as yet.
What a mess! I think I'll reinstall XP!

Can you suggest a solution?


Montreal, Canada
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  1. Go safe mode reboot
    when boot pressF8 go lastgood Kwnon
    change resLCD 19" (1366x768) 16:9 widescreen
    in desktiop right click sellect small Icon
  2. Thank you so much for your reply!

    I tried to follow your instructions, but I am unable to see any prompt allowing to change the resolution: neither to 1366X768 nor to any other value.
    Neither do I see any way to change to wide screen.

    In an attempt to find out what I am doing wrong in your sequence , I'll break it down verbatim in steps:

    1: " Go to Safe Mode reboot " Means: a) Carry on the reboot into Safe Mode completely or b) do something else before? If so, what, at what point?

    2."When boot, press F8 Last good known configuration".

    a)Safe Mode booting and the Lastgood known configuration are two separate options among the many available precisely by pressing the F8 key. So, how can I choose both Safe Mode booting and Lastgood known configuration supposedly at the same time after I hit F8? It must be one or the other! Am I missing something here?

    3. " Change resolution LCD 19" ( 1366x768) 16:9 wide in Desktop right click, select small icon."
    a) "Desktop" I suppose the Safe Mode Desktop, right?
    b) " Right click where on Desktop?
    c) There are no " Change Resolution " and 16:9 width options, anyway.
    Neither do the Display settings in Windows 7 show any 16:9 width option nor any higher resolution than 1280x1024, corresponding to my monitor(Samsung SyncMaster2253LW). How so?

    I got a prompt once that this monitor supports a resolution of 1680x1250. I couldn't get anywhere near this resolution, not even by re-installing the monitor's driver from the CD.

    In the monitor's controls at the bottom there are six keys for various adjustments. The Menu key shows several options among which " Image size". I suppose that the 16:9 option is there, but it is so dam complicated to understand their " Koreanenglish" instructions! There are supposed to be arrows allowing to navigate among these manual settings, but none of the keys on the monitor functions as an arrow. ! These keys seem to be multi-function but I can't crack the code!

    4. With Windows XP, I was able to have a wide range of resolutions, graphic options and screen geometry adjustment by downloading from Intel a graphic chipset for my D845GL M.B. ( Intel Extreme Graphics). It doesn't work on Windows 7 and I was unable to find any corresponding item for Windows 7.

    The Intel site says that they don't have yet something of the sort for Windows 7. They suggest to contact the manufacturer of the computer or to opt for some " generic"(?) chipsets.

    Do the Vista graphic chipsets work on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits? I d/loaded one but it didn't work. Perhaps it was a wrong one.
    Do you have any suggestions ?

    Thank you for your clarifications

  3. It seems you will need to update your graphics driver before your display will work properly. What's your system specifications?
  4. Thank you for your reply, Mr Koos.
    My system specs are:
    Intel Celeron CPU 2.40Ghz 2.40 GHz
    Ram : 1.99 GB
    System type: 32-bit Operating System
    I have an integrated graphics card.
    My M.B. is an Intel D845GL series
    How do I update my graphics driver?
    I have had the computer for about 7 years. Old, but more than adequate for my purposes..
    Besides, I was quite O.K with XP. Why does a supposedly newer and more efficient operating system such as Windows 7 perform worse, at least in this respect, than its supposedly" decrepit" eight years old predecessor, Windows XP?
    I have unsuccessfully spent so much time and energy in trying to have Windows 7 give me a decent screen display and the differences in performance are so minimal, if not unperceptible, as compared to XP, that I might as well discard it and re-install XP! Luckily I didn't have to buy Windows 7.
    I am curious, though, about how to solve this problem.

    Thank you for your help


    Montreal, Canada
  5. The issue is that the chipset you have (7 year old PC) is not supported by Win 7. It's like bying a car now and wondering why it does not run on steam. 7 computer years is like 50 normal years. If it came from a name vendor (Dell, HP, etc..) check their web site for drivers. Vista drivers do sometime work with Win 7 but not always. Take a look here for your board and Win 7 support here:

    If you don't want to upgrade your system you can get good results by getting a video card. It will speed things up a lot in games and video playing, plus you will be able to use your monitor. Which by the way is not 19" but close to 22". Your board looks to only have PCI slots, so you need a card like
  6. right click desktop , choose Screen Resolution. Click your monitor symbol, check Make this my main display. sellect in combo 1366x768.... why don't work ???
    something error !
  7. ittiandro said:
    Luckily I didn't have to buy Windows 7.

    Did you pirate it then? If so, no further help from us.
  8. Hi!
    A brief comment on your ..comment ref. piracy. .
    Speaking hypothetically, if you already have three members in your household who already bought 3 copies of Windows 7 for their computers and somehow you, the 4rth member, were able to use their copy, you wouldn’t call it exactly piracy, would you? Certainly I wouldn’t, especially if the fourth member was a half-broke student who can barely make ends meet…
    If anything, the term “ pirate” would fit those, who under the corporate banner of greed and profit, use technology in an attempt to force people like the above-mentioned ” 4th member” to buy their products, no matter what. If this is the M.S. philosophy, then the “ Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” may be rightly viewed as an oxymoron. But I understand: they have to cover themselves, because piracy, the REAL ONE, unfortunately exist, just as YOU, in making that comment, have to cover yourself and the site hosting you, by making it publicly clear that you don’t deal with “ pirates”. Somewhat of a perfunctory statement, though, but it had to be made!
    On a more technical note, I was finally able to get my wide-screen display: I had simply forgotten to re-install the graphic driver for the motherboard, which has an integrated video card.
    I thank you and those who offered help through your site

  9. Enjoy your pc.
    Cheers... ;)
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