Bootmgr is compressed windows 7 fix without cd

Somebody please help me... I compressed my hard drive for space, but I compressed some files that shouldn't be compressed. BOOTMGR error is coming up, and everything I have read says you need a 7 install disk to repair this issue..... as it goes, I don't have one. And I can't get one. Now there has to be some way to fix this without it. I have a lap top that is also running 7 right now but it's a friends and has no disk. My desktop is the problem. PLEASE HELP ME!!
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  1. I'm being very pedantic here, but the solution seems to be fairly obvious. Why don't you have a Windows disc?
  2. That laptop that also is running 7 can create a disk to do a repair just go into the control panel/ backup
  3. yeah agreed download and burn a windows disk it the fastest easiest solution. Otherwise get bartpe boot to the virtual environment and then uncompress the files
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