Symantec Firewall - Unfathomable Behaviour

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Dear Internet,

I hope someone out there can give me some advice 'cause I'm really
pulling my hair out.

I have a small network acessing the Internet via a Symantec hardware
VPN/Firewall and a Netgear router. I've had no problems at all with the
connection, until recently.

For a long, uninteresting and unimportant reason, I had to change the
IP subnet of the network from 192.168.90.x to 192.168.91.x - all the
machines on the network have Static IP addresses so this was quite a
simple task. I did this and everything worked as normal.

Until, that is, I tried to get a laptop with a Dynamic address
connected through the network. I turned on DHCP on the Firewall and,
whilst the laptop was being assigned an IP address, it couldn't access
any resources beyond the firewall. I then remembered that when changing
the network IP range I'd forgotten to change the router itself, so I
logged onto that and changed its IP address.

That's when things got confusing:

Now, I can't access the router on its new address unless the firewall
is removed from the equation. With the firewall unplugged and its DHCP
turned on, the static and Dynamic machines can access the internet.

With the firewall plugged in, the static machines can access the
internet and route traffic through the router but can't access it
directly. Disabling the DHCP on the firewall also stops things working
even on the static machines.

What am I missing?

Thanks so much in advance,

Matt Lodder
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    Matt Volatile <> wrote:
    [network device chaos]
    > What am I missing?

    Somebody who understands ;-)


    it's very difficult to fix such problems without having access to the
    devices. Some things also sound a little bit curious, you're telling.

    Especially the point, that you have an DHCP server on your firewall, is

    Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to hire anybody geographically
    near to you, who is used to solve such problems.

    "Es kann nicht sein, dass die Frustrierten in Rom bestimmen, was in
    deutschen Schlafzimmern passiert".
    Harald Schmidt zum "Weltjugendtag"
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