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i graduated high school about a year ago and now since i blew my shot at a 4.0 full ride scholarship im going to irsc a college in south Florida. im signing up for there IT 2 year degree program.

now my question is what about when im done if i end up liking the program and graduating with that degree ya i could get a job but is there other options like i herd if high school grades sucked but you do good at college you can use those grades instead to get into a top school and that's what im thinking about doing.

the thing is i don't know all of my options so i cant make a decision.

what are some of the top IT schools in the U.S. iv herd of MIT and CAL TECH of course but are there others.
and do one of those 2 schools or any of the others specialize in any special fields or are they just peaty even.

like i know with Hartford and Yale one makes better lawyers and one makes better doctors is it the same with IT schools?
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  1. Well for that last question "... is it the same with IT schools?" it does vary. Now i am about to graduate HS myself (1 year left) and ive been looking into schools myself. And i believe it all depends on the professors methods, because with computers there are so many ways to do things. With most servers from what i've heard use UNIX for basics. So you start off learning shell scripts to operate and then bam, you can use a basic UNIX server. But then in the same OS, you can do the same tasks, on the same machine, but in a different language. So in college you may only learn to do some stuff in 4 or 5 different languages, but there is always more ways to do the task, some simpler, some more complex
  2. Why limit yourself to just IT? Consider majoring in Computer Science. The difference between the IT degree and Computer Science degree is that IT does not focus as heavily on performance/logic. That's not to say there's no programming in Computer Science... you'll do plenty of that.

    For schools, consider Carnegie Mellon University. It has the best Computer Science Program (I think it might be 4th now since MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley are all tied for 1).
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