M-audio Quattro + Mac book pro

Can i use M-audio's Quattro audio/midi interface on a mac book pro OS 10.6.2 to record in Logic Studio software?
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  1. For my classes I use some M-Audio interfaces, Digidesign M-Box 2's and E-Mu 0404's. The E-Mu is one of the best deals out there for the money. The M-Box had some major driver problems, but the E-Mu was an easy install and Logic works fine with it. The M-audio was a beast to get up. I use the E-Mu also at home...again, for the money it is pretty hard to be the DAC they use. In all of the cases you will need to go to the manufacturer and download the drivers...if they have them.
  2. I think any sound card from M-Audio working very well on Mac OSX,just look on M-audio website for suggestion and recommendation.But best card for money are from M-Audio.
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