Problems Installing Windows 7 - Please Help!!

Hi Guys,

Today I purchased a new OCZ Vertex 2 SSD drive to put in my PC but ever since I have had HUGE issues installing Windows 7 on it. Basically what happens is, it takes FOREVER to start the installation process but when it finally completes it sits on 'Completing Installation' and doens't move.

My PC specs are

Q6600 CPU
ASUS Striker II Forumla Motherboard
4GB Corsair Dominator RAM
The new OCZ Vertex 2 (Is it even compatible?)
500GB Western Digital Hard Drive which was my main drive but the plan was to switch this to a storage drive.

Can anyone help me out here? I feel like I've just wasted money for nothing :S
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  1. Have only the drive that you want to load to in the computer. Any better?
    When it's working you will love it.
  2. I've tried that but had no luck. Disconnected the old drive and left the SSD running solo but windows 7 wont actually install. It's weird because I installed it on my old hard drive no problem when I first purchased it...
  3. Have you formatted prior to reinstall?
    I have an OCZ not the vertex2 and I have had no problems during or since installation.
    Have you looked to see if drive can be accessed after installation.(boot to old drive with new as slave) should have the 100mb partition, the windows dir and files?
  4. Yeah tried all that. The drive is recognized fine but literally just hangs on 'Completing Installation' when I am in the final stages of installing windows. So it just wont finish it off, it's very weird
  5. check all your hardware connections and reseat ram modules!
  6. "Completing installation" it doesn't move.

    Don't worry, wait! It will move. You might even see no Hard drive activity during that time. But, wait. Wait longer, maybe 30 minutes. It will get you going!

    If it doesn't work, it could be your mobo. Update BIOS and retry. But don't loose patience, wait!
  7. I know this will sound silly, but make sure the HDD is at least the 60Gb flavour. Another tip is to delete the partition on the hard drive and create a new one. Just leave the default windows setting when its setting the size for the partition...
  8. go bios your SSD set to from IDE to ACHI
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