Windows 7 for gaming with only 2GB of RAM?

Should i install Windows 7 with only 2GB of RAM?)
Currently using Windows XP Pro
Programs that i have open all the time:
Wow mouse drivers - WoWMTray.exe - 2124K
ZoneAlarm - zclient.exe - 3368K
Avira Antivir - avshadow.exe - 1508K and avgnt.exe - 1456K
Logitech keyboard drivers - SetPoint.exe - 8172K
vTune (Palits gpu tuning program) - 3584K

So thats only about 20MB of programs while idle. + my OS processes..

I would use Windows 7 32bit. Or should i just keep using Windows XP Pro 32bit?
I could disable Aero if thats a bottleneck.
I never have any programs open while playing a game. (except for the 5 programs i mentioned above which use 20MB of RAM all together.)
Only when playing WoW i rareley have either Winamp or Skype open. Never together though.
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  1. Yes you could, 32 bit isnt that ram hungry.
    You will run out on ram of very demanding games though -
  2. So i couldnt play BC2 or GTA IV on Medium with Windows 7 and 2GB ram?
    id have to use windows xp?
  3. You should be able, but more ram would be great-
    But you will be able to play..
  4. Windows 7 eats about 600-800MB of RAM by itself. For newer games 2GB may not be enough to prevent the system from running out of RAM after a while. I had to upgrade to 4GB before I could get StarCraft 2 to run properly. I worked with 2GB, but the extra 2GB made a huge difference.
  5. Are you using 64 bit or 32 bit?
  6. I already tried my system with 2 gb- win 7 32 bits, its ok, but you do feel the need for more ram, as i said earlier, am now running 64 bit with 6 gb ram, though i rarely use more than 3.5, max-
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