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I just bought a Hard Drive 1TB Caviar SATA 6Gb/s from Neweggs online store to install it on my PC which has a Motherboard Gigabyte P55 UD4P and an Intel Core i5 750 1156 Socket processor, Nvidia GTX 260 Palit. Anyway I found out that this board only support 3Gb SATA. I have not install it yet, so my question is Can I install the 1TB Hard Drive SATA 6Gb on my PC which support up to 3Gb .I will appreciated!
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    Yes, you shouldn't have any problem with compatibility, and the speed will just bottleneck at 3GB/s.
  2. I agree. Most things is legacy meaning backwards compatible, it just means you may not get the full experience ur expecting. If the computer supports 3 gigs it will only do 3 gigs. To experience the full 6 gigs u of course need to buy a motherboard that supports it. Good Luck.
  3. Is there any HDD that can saturate 3Gb/s SATA?
  4. No HDD will saturate 3Gb/s yet, only the cache.
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