I can access internet in safe mode. Wind 7 but not logged in as any user account. The Local area network works and can access any other PC on my network. wireless connection, and also if I use a cable direct to my router, was working and one day just quit. I checked my router with 2 other laptops and NO problems. Any ideas. Using WEP on a cisco router....
Thank you.......
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  1. I would scan for a virus.
  2. Run through the malware guide in my signature.
  3. I know it may sound lame but have u reset the router? Have you reset the network adapter on the pc? if its windows seven its simple. Have u tried removing the computer from the network then erasing its credentials to that network then reconnecting it and setting up new access credentials for that pc? Essentially allowing ur computer to be recognized as a new pc on the network and restablishing its rights. Tech babble... lol Also, if you are using wep try using a different access key provided by your router. Good luck.
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