Windows 7 wireless router problems

I have a newer emachine w/windows 7 previously set to a cable modem (charter cable) to a high speed connection.I now want to set it up to my wireless netgear but when i SEARCH FOR NETWORK IN RANGE is shows nothing but my laptop shows 5
Any help
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  1. This is an emachine laptop, correct? And you have your cable modem plugged in to the uplink port on your Netgear router? If so, try power cycling both the router and the modem. What model router is this? There should be some led's that inform you that it has a good connection to the modem and that wlan is enabled. Lastly, you should check your routers manual and read up on configuring the router for wlan (you may need to reset the router and/or connect directly to the router from your laptop via an ethernet patch cable. Hope some of this info helps.
  2. had charter out today and tech told me that the new wireless usb is not supported by windows 7 yet because not many people are purchacing new computers. How "dont know what I am doing" does that sound????
  3. turns out this machine came w/o an antenna, so I got a usb unit and that did the trick
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