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Before i continue i need to express the fact that i CANNOT use any VoIP software. I am fully aware of programs like Google Voice and Skype. My internet connection is way too poor for these kinds of services. I have tried them and they dont work. Please dont advice me to use anything that is VoIP!

Now, my end result seems rather simple. All i want to do is make and receive ordinary phone-calls through my computer. The modem that im using for this is Rosewill RNX-56AG. I have done a ton of searching and cant really find anything that works... You would think with all of the telemarketers out there, doing something like this would be rather easy. I don't need it to be automated or have an answering machine... I just need it to act as an ordinary phone.

I have tried out a few programs and none of them seem to work.
Wont recieve calls

IVM Answering Attendant Software
I contaced their support team and asked them to suguest a program. They suguested this, but none of the modems i pluged in were TAPI complient. Before buying this latest modem (Rosewill RNX-56AG) i checked to see if it was TAPI complient, and it says that it is. So im not sure what to do.

Express Dial
Works fine to make calls through modem. You cannot use a headset though, you need another phone hooked into the modem...
Cannot receive calls at all

Express Talk
It does recognize the use of computer speakers and headsets
Cant even connect to your modem, so ill stop the list there :p

Classic PhoneTools
Doesnt work on windows 7, the window opens and the immediately closes... already googled the problem and there are no solutions for it.

Ive looked far and wide and thought that i may as well ask some people if they know anything that might work better for me.

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  1. Those telemarketers are either using PBX or VoIP so that makes using a computer for making calls rather obsolete which means no new applications are coming out and the old ones isn't compatible anymore with the new OS.
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