vice city and steering wheel?

is it just me or is it impossible to use a steering wheel with vice city? if it is by design, thats a bigger [-peep-] up than not allowing multiplayer. cs game server -
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  1. I thought there was a mutli player mod some one was making, I want to get Vice City but i dont know which one to pick up, Xbox version or pc... the mods and my 9800 have me picking the pc version right now.

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  2. yea, there is a multiplayer mod in the making, last i played it, it was incredibly buggy, almost unplayable. the game is the same on the consol or the pc, maybe a few differences. but with the pc you can turn on aa and af. makes it look a lot better. then if they ever do get the multiplayer working you can do it. cs game server -
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