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I was at a clients home today to hook up an XP Home Laptop to his 98 se (I think on the se part) anyhow. He had a crossover cable that tests fine. He did xp network setup That did not work. I installed NetBEUI, set workgroup, etc. That did not work. Tried the XP network setup, (might as well give it a try). Sets up fine, IF, I specify direct connection to internet, select his AOL, which is dial-up. I know, I know...aol, but then the computers see each other etc. but it tries to dial aol everytime that one machine opens a folder on the other. So I change setup to "No Internet connection," computers won't see each other. I know that this is something that I am just not thinking of, but I have to go back on Friday, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks a bunch
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  1. Just in case somebody is reading through these and thinks wow that sounds like my problem...here is the solution that I came up with.
    Give each machine IP addresses on NIC, that won't mess witht the internet connection, because it's dial up, which I didn't think about on my initial post...anyhow. that's it.
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