How does COD compare to BF1942

1.How does this game compare to BattleField1942 ?

2.I have heard that BF1942 needs 512+ memory and
aleast a FX5600 to run smoothly(Online 60+ players@1024*748, NO FSAA).
How about the performance of the Call Of Duty ?

3.Can AMD1800+, 512MB,and ATI9100 128MB(64bit)handle COD smoothly(1024*768, no FSAA, 60+ players) ?

4.Is there any mod on COD (or in the furture)? Like the Desert Combat on BF1942. I also like those modern war games.
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  1. Actually I find COD is harder on the vidcard than BF.
    True, BF does perform way better w/512, but I can run it just fine @ 1024x768 on my GF3 ti500 (o/c'd slightly).

    If I use similar visual settings on COD it seems to be a bit sluggish, but not to bad.
  2. COD has no MP vehicles, and few in the SP game. I run an slower version 2 ghz P4, 512 mb SD RAM, 9600 pro OC'd some, it runs fine on my pc at 1024*768. 60+ players online runs basically lag-free, only at the start of a round in some cases. But there is virtually no lag.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  3. i play both games fine with my old pc (celeron 900, 256 mb sdram, PCI Geforce 4 64mb PNY) obviously with settings set to medium, i have a fast connection so its playable in bf1942 and cod, i get an average of 30fps in cod in most maps, the bigger maps i struggle a little, and don't know the fps of BF1942 but i can enjoy both games.
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  4. Thank you guys, I think I'm gonna get a ATI 9100.

    btw, No MP vehicles ? Is that mean you can't drive tanks, APC, aircrafts etc. in COD while playing online game ? That sucks

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  5. Correct, the only vehicle driving you will do EVER in COD is in the single player Russian campaign. But that doesn't mean it isn't a good MP game, it is just infantry based. You still of course have vehicles (you plant explosives on them) in MP, just not drivable.

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  6. Oh, I'am disappointed. BF1942 will be my choice.
  7. You may want to look at the reviews. BF has a pitiful multiplayer compared to COD. Also, BF is older, COD was just released.

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  8. Just because a game is newer, doesn't necessarily make it better. :tongue:

    That should never be a reason to choose one game over another.

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  9. So I should buy both ?
  10. Have you looked at demo? IMO BF 1942 wins hands down. But thats just my .02
  11. I have played BF1942 demo 1.0/1.1, and I also played COD's two DEMO. IMO COD is just an improved Day Of Defeat. But, I am afraid the lag in BF1942 although I;m using cable connection.
  12. I have BS DSL, but had Charter cable had NO problems with lag but a few times. But I usually played during the slower traffic times. Get it you'll love it, and wish you had gotten it sooner.
  13. Stop the presses! You may want to wait. BF vietnam is coming out soon, and since it is newer it will have improvements. I dont konw what the mods will be if any though...

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  14. Is BF vietnam a stand alone or a expension pack ?
    Can I play MOD such as Desert Combat on BF Vietnam ?
  15. Battlefied: vietnam is not expansion. Its a entirly new game and engine. its not related to bf42 in any way
  16. COD owns BF. Unless you like vehicles. But I say f vehicles. I just wanna shoot people.


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  17. f vehicles? But it is so much fun to run over someone using a jeep :)

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    1gig PC3200 (512mbx2)
    ASUS P4P800
    GF3 Ti200 64mb (soon to be replaced)
  18. buy bf1942 and you can also play Desert Combat , a mod

    it owns both games hands down. its like a present day counter strike

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  19. buy bf1942 and you can also play Desert Combat , a mod

    it owns both games hands down. its like a present day counter strike

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  20. I like COD much more.
    It seems more effiecent of a game and looks better doing it. The FPS problems in COD are more due to it taxing the CPU much not so the GPU.

    At least I noticed a large difference when turning down how many dead bodies stayed on screen... and Im pretty sure thats more CPU related.

    Plus, unlike counterstrike and BF1942... COD is getting Punkbuster!

    Thats pretty much the end to the cheating in that game!

    Support the NV/AMD/IBM axis of evil.
    Who cares about HL2/D3 when we have Call of Duty today!!
  21. I just want to point out that Americas Army is free and is also a great military game. I haven't played it in a few months so there is a new version out but so far I think it's the best designed game. It discourages team killing, has punk buster, the graphics are good, and if shooting people is your thing along with the need for excellent strategy I think it's worth noting.

    As far as buying a game I think BF1942 is tons of fun. I love flying the planes and sinking ships. I haven't tried COD yet though.

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