GeForce 5700LE Code 39 problem

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I'm pretty sure this is a more general problem and one not unique to the
nVidia chipset, but here's the scenario:

On New Year's Day, I attempted to start up my Windows XP Pro (running
SP2) box and I got a BSOD saying that the SOFTWARE hive of the machine's
registry was unreadable. Okay, no problem as I was considering
installing a bigger and faster (ergo, SATA drive) since the failing one
was getting pretty full.

So using MaxBlast 3, a disk utility that comes with Maxtor drives, I
managed to get the new drive partitioned and formatted properly. Then
MaxBlast moved all my apps, system files, and data from my old drive to
the new 200 GB SATA drive. So far, so good.

However, the video driver for my Gainward 5700LE-based card reported a
Code 39 (driver corrupted or missing, blah, blah, blah) with examining
the properties in Device Manager. I have attempted to delete the driver
(no can do under XP SP2 apparently) and even tried swapping in an ATI
Radeon-based AGP card to see if the problem is generic. And it is.

So the question for anyone with some insight into the problem is:
Is there a way of effectively removing the existing driver so a new
install will work or is there something esoteric that I'm missing?

Thanks for any insight to anyone who can help.
Dan R
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia (More info?)

    What you could try to do is install the new driver over it it should
    work and you might probably uninstall it after that as well. If not
    well maybe you should retransfert your stuff to your old hd, formatt
    the new harddrive put a fresh copy of windows it will fix a lot fo
    stuff sometime it is just good to reinstall windows if you didn't do it
    for a long time because I don't think there's is other way to remove
    the drievr except if you find it in the registries which isnt easy try
    to check for nvidia in windows registries. If you ever find it just
    delete it, it should then completely remove the driver but don't count
    on it too much.
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