Dual screens will only mirror each other.

Hello, I recently bought an Asus desktop and it works amazingly well. i can use one monitor just fine but when i plug in a second it will only mirror the main monitor.

it only detects one monitor even though it shows up on two. if i force it to detect another monitor, it will, but it will extend the screen onto a third non existent screen. so what ends up happening is that i will have monitor 1 mirrored onto monitor 2 (only identified as a single monitor when i go into "screen resolution") and then the computer will extend the desktop further but i cannot see the screen because there isnt one there. i can access it though.

What my goal is to just have 2 monitors. My primary one and then the screen extended onto the second one. If this is too complicated just ask me more details and i will do my best to clarify.
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  1. Can you provide more detail on your graphics card, how you've connected the two monitors, and what your current Display settings are?
  2. ^+1
    more system details in general as well.
  3. if it's based on an intel integrated graphics solution, there is an option if you right click on the desktop to select the type of multiple output....

    its under an option like "intel extreme graphics"
    the option you want is extended desktop, the one you probably have is intel dual display clone... i find on these setups you frequently have to play around with both the intel graphics manager and windows display properties to get the desired effect....
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